Town of Southampton
Long Island, NY

Town Board Resolution

Adopt Deer Protection and Management Plan


Department:Long Range PlanningSponsors:Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst

Financial Impact



WHEREAS, on November 25, 2014 the Town Board set a public hearing on the Deer Protection and Management Plan; and


WHEREAS, on December 18, 2014 a public hearing took place and the Town Board elected to close the public hearing with a 30 day comment period; and


WHEREAS, the Town has considered the views of various involved groups in developing the Deer Protection and Management Plan program goals and interests, which are:


1.              The need to provide landowners and the public with available options to reduce the impact of deer vehicle collisions and damage to landscaping and agricultural crops;


2.              The desire to utilize local hunters rather than hire sharpshooters or other outside parties, to provide management guidance to landowners, as well as to harvest nuisance animals;


3.              The exploration of opportunities for using non-lethal methods, such as immunocontraceptives in areas of high residential density experiencing deer damage;


4.              The creation of a Deer Protection and Management Advisory Committee (in order to prioritize the goals and recommended actions described in the Deer Protection and Management Plan); and


5.              An increased effort to educate the public about program goals.


WHEREAS, the Deer Protection and Management Plan identifies steps that the Town could potentially undertake to enhance deer protection and management Town-wide; and


WHEREAS, these recommended actions include, but are not limited to: establish deer protection and management priorities, increase public education and outreach, upgrade and expand deer road crossing signage to reduce deer vehicle collisions, increase local deer hunting opportunities, evaluate the practicality of using immunocontraception, reduce public health risks related to tick borne diseases, encourage and facilitate distribution of harvested deer meat to food pantries and other local not-for-profit charitable organizations, and promote deer resistant landscaping; and


RESOLVED, that the Town Board hereby adopts the Deer Protection and Management Plan.


Meeting History

Mar 10, 2015 1:00 PM  Town Board Regular Town Board Meeting
MOVER:Anna Throne-Holst, Supervisor
SECONDER:Bradley Bender, Councilman
AYES:Anna Throne-Holst, Bradley Bender, Christine Preston Scalera, Bridget Fleming, Stan Glinka