Trustees of the Freeholders and              

Edward J. Warner, Jr.,


Commonalty of the

Scott Horowitz, Secretary -


Town of Southampton

William Pell IV


116 Hampton Road

Bruce A. Stafford


Southampton NY, 11968

Ann Welker



(631) 287-5717



(631) 287-5723



Regular Meeting of September 16, 2019

1:00 PM


Monday, September 16, 2019              1:00 PM              Town Hall - Town Board Room


I. Call to Order

1:00 PM Meeting called to order on September 16, 2019 at Town Hall - Town Board Room, 116 Hampton Road, Southampton, NY.

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Roll Call


Attendee Name





President Edward J. Warner Jr.





Secretary-Treasurer Scott M. Horowitz





Trustee William Pell IV





Trustee Bruce A. Stafford





Trustee Ann Welker






IV. Next Trustee Meeting

Work Session:                            9/25/19 at 3:00 p.m.

Regular Meeting:              10/1/19 at 7:00 p.m. (Remsenburg-Speonk School, 11 Mill Road)

Regular Meeting:              10/7/19 at 1:00 p.m.

V. Minutes Acceptance

1.              Regular Meeting December 3, 2018 1:00 PM

2.              Regular Meeting September 4, 2019 1:00 PM

VI. Communications


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:

1.              Application of Toby Rex LLC, 190 Fowler Street, Water Mill, New York for the construction of a fixed catwalk in Jule Pond in the Mecox Bay watershed.

2.              Application of 178 Fowler Street LLC, 178 Fowler Street, Water Mill, New York for the construction of a fixed catwalk in Jule Pond in the Mecox Bay watershed.

VII. Public Portion

VIII. Applications for Permits

**Board of Trustees hereby waive a public hearing on the following applications because it has been determined that the following projects do not raise a significant degree of public interest or public input is not needed to aid in the decision making process**

Edward J. Warner Jr.

              Trustees 2019-303

Renewal Application (Fourth) of Robert J. Arcate, Permit No. FLD00004, 91 Foster Avenue, Hampton Bays, New York (SCTM No. 0900-374-2-4) Body of Water:  Shinnecock Bay

              Trustees 2019-304

Waterfowl Hunting Location Applications for Additions of Co-Permittees and Approved Individuals from Waitlist

Scott M. Horowitz

              Trustees 2019-305

Recall and Amend Trustees Resolution No. 2019-291, The Wayne C. Waltzer Revocable Trust, 3 Duckwood Court, Hampton Bays, New York (SCTM No. 0900-172.1-1-14) Body of Water: Red Creek Pond

              Trustees 2019-306

Application of Tri Properties LLC, 10 Dune Road, Village of Westhampton Beach, New York (SCTM No. 0905-22-1-23) Body of Water: Quantuck Bay

              Trustees 2019-307

Application of Paul DiNozzi and Lorraine Didomenico, 11 Tarpon Road, East Quogue, New York (SCTM No. 0900-362-4-6) Body of Water: Unnamed Canal off of Shinnecock Bay

William Pell IV

              Trustees 2019-293

Resolution Authorizing Waterfowl Hunting Location Permitee Stephen H. Schuster (Permit ##232) to Add Michael Tessitore, as Co-Permittee for the Blind Located on the Western Shore of Bullhead Bay - off of Sebonac Inlet Road, Tuckahoe, New York

              Trustees 2019-308

Modification of 951 Flying Point LLC, Permit No. GP000083, 951 Flying Point Road, Water Mill, New York (SCTM No. 0900-178-1-17.41) Body of Water: Channel Pond

              Trustees 2019-309

Application of Ram Island LLC, 36 Ram Island Drive, Tuckahoe, New York (SCTM No. 0900-109-01-8) Body of Water Bullhead Bay & Sebonack Creek

Bruce A. Stafford

              Trustees 2019-310

Application of BRYDAV LLC, 19 Rosewood Ct, Water MIll, New York (SCTM No. 0900-102-2-10) Body of Water: Hayground Cove (Mecox Bay)

              Trustees 2019-311

Application of 4519 Noyac LLC, 4519 Noyack Road, Noyac, New York (SCTM No. 0900-24-3-25) Body of Water: Ligonee Brook

Ann Welker

              Trustees 2019-312

Denial of Two (2) Waterfowl Hunting Location Applications of Barry A. Cain, Jr., 1018 Flanders Road, Flanders, New York (Body of Water: Reeves Bay)

IX. Resolutions

              Trustees 2019-279

Adopt Mecox Bay Management Plan dated August 2019

              Trustees 2019-313

Warrant #15 of 2019 - Trustees

              Trustees 2019-314

Recall and Amend Trustees Resolution No. 2019-298 to Accept Quitclaim Deed from John F. Cowell, III for a Portion of Old Sag Harbor Road, Bridgehampton, New York

              Trustees 2019-315

Authorize Expenditure for Wheel House for Marine Maintenance Barge

              Trustees 2019-316

Authorization to Issue Refund of Second Mooring Permit Fee to Franklin Berry

              Trustees 2019-317

Designate Lead Agency for the Purpose of SEQR in Connection with the Application of a Ten-Year Maintenance Dredging Permit for Mecox Bay

X. Closing