Trustees of the Freeholders and              

Edward J. Warner, Jr.,


Commonalty of the

Scott Horowitz, Secretary -


Town of Southampton

Eric Shultz


116 Hampton Road

William Pell IV


Southampton NY, 11968

Bruce A. Stafford



(631) 287-5717



(631) 287-5723



Regular Meeting of March 20, 2017

1:00 PM


Monday, March 20, 2017              1:00 PM              Town Hall - Town Board Room


I.              Call to Order

COMMENTS - Current Meeting:

1:00 PM Meeting called to order on March 20, 2017 at Town Hall - Town Board Room, 116 Hampton Road, Southampton, NY.

II.              Pledge of Allegiance

III.              Roll Call

1.              Roll Call

IV.              Next Trustee Meeting

COMMENTS - Current Meeting:

Work Session:              March 29, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.

Regular Meeting:              April 3, 2017 at 1:00 p.m.

V.              Communications

Bid Openings - 3/15/17

Old Fort Pond Project:

   1.  South Shore Docks - Item #1: $179,490; Item #2: $156,490

   2.  Atlantic Coast Dock Construction – Item #1: $289,000; Item #2: $269,000

   3.  Shore Marine Construction Corp. – Item #1: $279,000; Item #2: $255,000

   4.  Quintal Contracting Corp. – Item #1:  $401,280; Item #2:  $378,530

   5.  Chesterfield Associates – Item #1: $246,500; Item #2: $220,000

   6.  Woodstock Corporation – Item #1 - $358,810; Item #2: $343,810

   7.  Crowley Marine – Item #1:  $259,350; Item #2:  $240,000


Bay View Pines Associations, et al. "Spring Fling" on 4/29/27 from 6:00-10:00 p.m. at the Flanders Men's Club

VI.              Discussions

COMMENTS - Current Meeting:

Discussion with Dean DeMar re: Waterfront Properties and Beach Ordinances (Warner)

VII.              Public Hearings

1.              Public Hearing (Re-Notice) for the Re-Construction of a 3' X 23' Ramp/Access Stairs, the Construction a 4' X 68' Catwalk, 3' X 6' Stairs, a 3' X 10' Ramp and a 6' X 20' Float, Secured by Four (4) Piles at the Single Family Residence Known as: 128 Redwood Road, Sag Harbor, New York
(SCTM No. 0903-1-11-11)  Body of Water: Sag Harbor Cove

Adjourned 3/6/2017 1:00 PM

VIII.              Public Portion

IX.              Applications for Permits

COMMENTS - Current Meeting:

**Board of Trustees hereby waive a public hearing on the following applications because it has been determined that the following projects do not raise a significant degree of public interest or public input is not needed to aid in the decision making process**

Edward J. Warner Jr.

              Trustees 2017-67

Application of Jackson's Marina, Inc., 6 Tepee Street, Hampton Bays, New York (SCTM No. 0900-230-1-28, 31 & 32) Body of Water: Shinnecock Bay

              Trustees 2017-68

Application of Alan Sosne, 5 Middle Pond Lane, Southampton, New York (SCTM No. 0900-272-2-1) Body of Water:  Middle Pond

              Trustees 2017-69

Application of The Joseph Rugg Business Trust, 28 Middle Pond Road, Shinnecock Hills, New York (SCTM No. 0900-234-3-32) Body of Water:  Middle Pond

Eric Shultz

              Trustees 2017-70

Application of James and Melissa Traynor, 40 Club Lane, Remsenburg, New York (SCTM No. 0900-380-2-69) Body of Water: Un-named Canal off of Moriches Bay

              Trustees 2017-71

Application of Andrew Edelman, 28 Stacey Drive, Westhampton Beach, New York (SCTM No. 0905-10-5-33.5) Body of Water:  Moriches Bay

Bruce A. Stafford

X.              Resolutions

              Trustees 2017-72

Road Review Application of Bencar Building Corp., SCTM No. 0900-036-01-39.1 Situate at Bridgehampton, is Accepted

              Trustees 2017-73

Warrant #5 of 2017 - Trustees

              Trustees 2017-74

Renew (Second) Permit of Benjamin Bram, 1271 Flying Point Road, Water Mill, New York (SCTM No. 0900-179-1-27.7) Body of Water:  Atlantic Ocean

              Trustees 2017-75

Renew (Second) Permit of David Wassong, 1265 Flying Point Road, Water Mill, New York (SCTM No. 0900-179-1-25) Body of Water:  Atlantic Ocean

              Trustees 2017-76

Renew (Second) Permit of Tony and Melina Cheng, 1285 Flying Point Road, Water Mill, New York (SCTM No. 0900-179-1-27.1) Body of Water:  Atlantic Ocean

              Trustees 2017-77

Renew (Second) Permit of ARDK Holdings II, 1299 Flying Point Road, Water Mill, New York (SCTM No. 0900-179-1-28) Body of Water:  Atlantic Ocean

              Trustees 2017-78

Authorize Sale of Surplus Sand from Mecox Cut to Terry Contracting, Inc. To be Used in Connection with a Bulkhead Project at Flying Point Beach

              Trustees 2017-79

Award and Authorize President of the Trustees to Execute a Contract with Soule's Aquatics

XI.              Closing